Can we hire a VA for you and train them how to find profitable inventory ONLY for you?

Students of the ProvenAmazonCourse are seeing success by the hundreds lately.  One bottle neck for some sellers is finding more "replens". 

We've solved that problem!

Sound like something you would be interested in?  Let us know your interest level in the form below! 

About Our Service

  • We've proven that we can train international VA's from places like the Philippines to do great work for Amazon sellers.
  • First come first served. Please fill out the below form and indicate your level of interest in this service. Based on demand, we'll begin training qualified VA's.

Who is Qualified?

You should be up and running with an Amazon selling business and be familiar with the REPLENS model of selling as taught in the course. If you aren't there yet, GET THE COURSE or call our coaching team and GET SET UP. Our VAs can help you find MORE inventory, and that's the only thing we are training them to do.

About Your VA

  • They will speak and understand English well (easy communication)
  • You'd pay them $4 per hour once they are fully trained by us. We will let you know their rate before we introduce you. Feel free to pay them more as they help you grow!
  • Your VA will pass a "Replen ASIN hunting" performance test before we connect you. We are putting significant effort into the training process. You can expect a replen hunting ninja who will quickly pay for themselves if you are ready to buy the ASIN's they send you.
  • We do all the training (you can add your own as well of course, but that's optional)
  • No ongoing fees - you pay your VA yourself ONLY for the hours they work. There's no monthly fee to us.
  • Your VA is available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. We will charge a discounted rate to train a second or third VA upon request.
  • You send your VA "in store" pictures, and they then research from there and send you ASINs
  • Your replens would be posted on a shared Google doc seen only by YOU and YOUR VA. Your VA works ONLY for you and we ask them to agree to those terms prior to being selected for this program.
  • If VA candidates already work for any other RA/OA Amazon sellers, they are not eligible for this program. We are training them from the ground up exclusively for you.

Join the conversation about this service that’s happening inside our free Facebook group. Here’s a direct link to the discussion that started in August 2021

More Info Coming Soon!

If you have any interest in getting this exclusive offer, complete the form below and let us know your interest level.